Who, what is Crosley?

Powel Crosley: famous broadcaster, an industrialist, inventor, entrepreneur, and a visionary. His story is one of a city and entire American way of life. It is the story of broadcasting, baseball, radio, refrigerators, automobiles, and airplanes, of inventions and contraptions of an unusually talented and farsighted man…..It spans the panorama of the 20th Century.

Powel Crosley, who in 1920, first selected independent local dealers as the best way to take his products to market. Powel Crosley insisted that all sellers of his products must give the customer the best in parts, service, and satisfaction.

 Throughout Crosley’s 75 years of service to the public, Crosley has earned the registered slogan, ”Crosley on a product is like Sterling on silver”

 In 1938, when Crosley introduced to the world the first small car, he broke with tradition and sold his car through independent appliance dealers.

  • 1921 introduced crystal radio set that anyone could assemble.                            
  • 1922 largest manufacturer of radios in the world                                                
  • Before WWII Crosley was registered and sold in over 50 countries in the world.    
  • In the 1920’s built the most powerful broadcasting station WLW Cincinnati, Oh. With 500,00 watts of power
  • During 1929 depression, Crosley introduced the first automobile radio, called “Roamio”
  • 1938 New York World’s fair introduced First small car, during WWII the small Crosley engine performed many wartime duties. Crosley also supplied air plane wings, fighter plane engines.
  • The Crosley car is still copied by manufacturers around the world. Crosley developed the disk breaks that are on most of today’s automobiles.
  • 1930, Crosley broadcasting station WLW made worldwide news when it came on the air.
  • 1933, Patented first Shelves in Refrigerator door
  • 1935 Crosley built a radio in the refrigerator door
  • 1932 first refrigerator to make ice without using electricity or gas
  • 1935 first small plane for everyone “ the moonbeam”
  • 1937-1947 Crosley-Bendix first automatic home laundry. Front load washer, only Westinghouse was permitted to manufacture and sell automatic washers as a competitor.

1975 Crosley came back as an American Company, owned by independent distribution centers.

 Powell Crosley, in 1920 believed that the local dealer could best sell and service his products to give the public the best enjoyment out of Crosley merchandise. That tradition is still in effect today.

In 1977, Crosley Corp. purchased all rights to Crosley from AVCO.

In the early 80’s we Anco TV & Appliances, now Cooper TV & Appliances, started selling Crosley Appliances.

 Each product has a long 10 year extended warranty program.

  • Refrigerators: on the compressor
  • Washers, on the gear case / transmission
  • Gas & Electric dryers:  on the Motor, heating element, or Igniter
  • Gas & Electric Ranges: on the Electronic ignition, spark Module, or elements
  • Dishwashers: Motor
  • Freezers: on the compressor

This long warranty has benefited several of our customers over the years.

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